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The blog “Rede LAN” was initially produced with the aim of providing a more dynamic way of learning about the physical structure and configuration of a local computer network. So the name of the blog was chosen, based on the most descriptive structure on a computer network: the LAN network.

Its beginning occurred in mid-2009, after the conclusion of a technical TCC in Computer Networks. At that time, the greatest difficulty encountered during the execution of the final project was to find content on the Internet that would exemplify what a computer network would look like.

In this way, the idea arose of creating a website where the new adepts in the area of technology could access a range of content, of interpretation totally easy and quite illustrative.

In 2015, we had a reformulation in the ideology of this site. From that moment, we create content that covers the whole area of technology, including Mobile and Games. Since then, we have seen a significant increase in accesses from other countries and, due to this, we had to post also in English.

Since 2015, we have a new content contributor, Filipe Cemim, who along with me, Esdras Nunes, updates this blog.

More recently in January 2017, the blog has gained a more clean visual identity, with lighter colors and a more blog-oriented format. We hope you enjoy our new face! And 2017!

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