Do you know the USB Killer?

This is what we ask for you, dear reader.

As in other areas, the Technology has many people with advanced knowledge. Some, use that knowledge to create something that contributes to technological innovation. Others use this knowledge for evil, creating some jokes are not so funny.

One such case is the USB Killer. It’s a pendrive that can look like any other, but to a very disturbing goal.

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This USB works like this: when connected to the computer, the Pendrive, which has an inverted DC/DC converter charges the capacitor to 110 volts negative. Then, a transistor discharges back into the USB port the stored voltage. This cycle keeps repeating until the damage will be increasing.

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When connecting the USB Killer, your computer’s USB output is burned and if he connected for a long time, can burn other parts like the AC adaptor, the processor and video card.

USB Killer 2.0

Not satisfied, the creator of this “wonder”, a Russian hacker known as Dark Purple, created the version 2.0, which is much more devastating. Version 2.0 now carries voltages of 220 volts. With all this tension, USB 2.0 Killer burn your motherboard the instant it’s connected to the computer, as we can see in the video below:

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