XUBUNTU: An Operating System light


In this article, we would like to make our comments about this wonderful system that is Xubuntu and our experience with it.

Xubuntu is a Linux based on Ubuntu, but with the XFCE interface, but because using Xubuntu?

Although Ubuntu is the most used in the Linux Desktop users, do not like the Unity interface used in Ubuntu as it is very heavy and prefer a light system to run the games.

See also: original publication.

Another option with even more lightness is Lubuntu, that uses the LXDE interface, though its interface is a bit too simple and does not allow much customization , it is an easy installation system and so light that can run on very old PCs.

Minimum requirements version of Lubuntu 15.10:

  • Pentium IV or AMD K8;
  • 512MB RAM;
  • 2GB free HD.

Although there are other lightweight interfaces, xubuntu has a balance of beauty and lightness, which makes it attractive to many users and currently has an even lighter version called Xubuntu Core, which comes only with the essential and with almost any application, see text extracted from Diolinux blog, referring to core version:

“This morning I did a test on my Ubuntu 15.04 with Unity, this computer was running CS: GO with the chart on High about 65 FPS with the graphic fully in Low reached 150 FPS about both good sufficient to play.

So I installed Xubuntu Core package, I ended my session and I logged me for XFCE, the interface was basically Xubuntu, including Wallpaper, running the game in the same conditions with only XFCE Core to interface the game in High lapped 80 FPS and Low reached incredible 250 FPS!

The hardware used in question is a 3330 i5, 8 GB RAM 1600 Kingston and GTX 650”

The above is proof that a light interface can save the resources of your machine to what really matters, which is our production environment whether you’re a gamer, developer or designer.


See below some images from this operating system:

To the next!

References: diolinux.com.brxubuntu.orglubuntu.net.

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