DNS Server

The DNS service (Domain Name Server) is responsible for converting the domain (website address) typed into an equivalent IP address. So whenever you type a website address in the browser, the DNS server converts what you typed to the server IP where it is hosted. For example, when entering http://www.google.com, the DNS server will access content that is contained in the IP, which is the server address. If you typed the IP directly, would also see the same page.

Remember that some large companies such as Google, have not only one server to host their websites. Thus, the original IP can vary to the nearest server where the research was conducted.


The DNS service is not only to access the websites. It also serves to access the hierarchical domains of an intranet (LAN, commonly used in businesses and educational institutions). In this case, the DNS service can be installed on the same server where you installed the Active Directory (AD) or a dedicated server for this service.

There is no limit to use the DNS service, and only limited the amount of IP’s available for conversion into domains.

Reverse DNS

The reverse DNS, as its name indicates, is the query based on the IP. Generally, the DNS translates the domain to its corresponding IP. In the case of reverse DNS, the service makes the query to the IP to verify the domain that is associated with that address. Thus, you can track the domain.

Checking the IP address of a specific site

Simply, you have a Windows computer, I think you have!

Then, go to your command prompt and type the following command line:

ping www.redelanpoa.com.br

You might notice that is the corresponding IP to redelanpoa.com.br domain. If you enter this IP in your browser, you will get a content belonging to the WordPress. But you should ask yourself: ‘I will be able to access the same site content’? So I answer you: no. This is because our site is a WordPress subdomain and therefore you can not access it directly by IP because it supports many other subdomains.


Subdomain is a domain that is part of a primary domain. In it, you can put a full site, but will always be part of the main domain. Imagine that the main domain is a computer folder and each subdomain was like a folder within that main folder.

The subdomain is mainly used to separate subjects that are part of the same company. For example, you can access the contents of esporte.globo.com, novela.globo.com or, jornalismo.globo.com. All these subdomains will be stored within the main domain globo.com.

Finishing the first part …

As you can see, we talk only over about DNS, so you formed the concept on its head. Obviously, the DNS is much more complex than that and has many other classifications that we will calmly here in Rede Lan site. However, this first time, we are presenting the DNS for you.

To the next!

References: pt.wikipedia.org e simple.wikipedia.org.

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