Facebook Will Provide Free Internet For Poor Countries From Africa

For us use the internet it seems a banal thing. But many people around the world have no access to simple things like sewage, imagine the internet access. While we have access to millions of pages of different content on the Big Network, there are people who even seen a computer before. And most of these extremely poor people live in Africa.

The good news is that Facebook is having a very noble idea, making the entire planet stay connected, leading the internet for those who do not know her.

Facebook in partnership with a European communications satellite company called Eutelsat Communications, announced on 05 October that will offer satellite broadband internet for poor countries in Africa. This partnership should use the broadband signal from AMOS-6 satellite, owned by Spacecom company. This access must be done for free or extremely low cost.

Eutelsat announced that the project will offer internet at low cost, in places that previously had no access to physical and mobile networks with quality. The company will open a subsidiary in London, England, only to be responsible of the African broadband.


Facebook had launched in 2013 the internet.org project, an initiative to accelerate the connections of regions with low coverage and planned to work with African partners to optimize the capacity of poor areas of the continent.

As Chris Daniels, vice president of internet.org project, “Facebook’s mission is to connect the world and we believe that these satellites will play an important role in breaking the current barriers in connecting the peoples of Africa. We are looking forward to this new partnership”.

The CEO of Eutelsat said on the subject: “We are delighted with this opportunity to deploy a broadband connection together with Facebook. It is a new initiative to provide decent access services in Africa”.

“Eutelsat has a strong track record with high-performance operations with satellites. This will ensure that we will offer a robust internet solution, leaving a large number of online users, contributing to the ‘Information Society'”.


It seems that they are doing their part. Some may even criticize the act, saying that it is demagoguery, because Africa suffers from much bigger problems – as little food, housing and poor health – and they should not worry about access to technology. However, I believe that all the difficulties that Africa has are indeed very important and must be fought, but that does not stop these people get access to information.

Give access to the internet for these people is to give hope to those who have nothing and can then gain knowledge about this new tool or even creating working solutions. And you, what do you think about this topic?

See you in the next article.

By Esdras Nunes.


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