Demystifying Mystery: Games On Linux Work Or Not?

People argue a lot about the advantages of using Linux. So, experts always use the speech that Linux is more stable, more secure, etc. At this point always question me things like, “but I can run my GTA V?”, or, “there are good games on Linux?”. I’ll try to demystify here, my dear readers, this taboo on Linux does not have good games.

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Myth Or Fact: Only I can play if I’m using Windows?

Well, first I would like to make it clear that some games are restricted to Windows.

OMG! Do you mean that my game can’t run on Linux?

Easy! There are simple solutions to these games that are restricted, such as Wine, which is a system that simulates the Windows environment for these cases. Wine is much more than a simulator, but not up here to clarify details, as these will be published in another article.

There’s also another project created by Valve called Steam. This project came to launch on Linux world the gaming market. In 2015, it became bolder to disclose Steam Machines with SteamOS system based on Linux, as well as Android for smartphones and tablets. These PCs will be dedicated to games and will’ve a different and innovative joystick. Valve guarantees that’ll compete with the Xbox One and PS4, lauching these consoles in November 2015, priced between $ 460 and $ 5000. The idea of the project is a video game that can be enhanced as the graphical representation of the games. Besides being an innovative technology, will also increase the investment of game companies on Linux-based systems.

Steam Machines: powerful, innovative and want to "overthrow" the conventional platforms

Steam Machines: powerful, innovative and want to “overthrow” the conventional platforms

Steam is a system that can be installed both on Linux and Windows, where you can buy games and even play some free. Its main advantages are lower prices than the shops. While there are games for Linux that do not require a platform such as Wine or Steam, it is worth remembering that the latter has 70% of the PC gaming market in the world, according to the NPD Group. These games, 30% are available exclusively for Linux.

Emerging New Projects

Another project that has not yet been presented to the public, but that began to be developed this year is the Vulkan Project, which would be a new generation OpenGL and will compete directly with Microsoft DirectX 12. Among the companies that are participating in the development are Valve, Nvidia, AMD, EA Games, Unity, Khromos, Epic Games and other well-known.

For people who do not know what the OpenGL or DirectX, we can say, in a simplified way, they are graphical APIs that communicate the operating system with the video card, working as an intermediary (middleware).


The 10 games better evaluated on Steam are:

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  1. Portal 2;
  2. Counter-Strike;
  3. Euro Truck Simulator 2;
  4. Kerbal Space Program;
  5. BattleBlock Theater;
  6. Portal;
  7. Mark of the Ninja;
  8. Crypt of the NecroDancer;
  9. Nuclear Throne;
  10. Lethal League.

Other games (for those who likeexcellent graphics and gameplay):

  • Alien Arena
    Excellent FPS war where you can play alone or in a team against players around the world. The goal is to defeat the aliens opponents in very varied environments in outer space.
  • Heroes of Newerth
    RPG classic, where you can take different types of characters as well as various items and the goal is to beat the enemy army.
  • Open Arena
    A game a lot of fun in the style of Doom or Quake, that does not require a very powerful computer. Its main advantage is the ease of playing multiplayer, though lacking the story mode.
  • Battle for Wesnoth
    Strategy in the style of Final Fantasy Tactics, where you can help save Wesnoth. Control an orc, a wizard, an elf, a warrior, and many other creatures. Each char has its own characteristics. I recommend for those who like games where you need to use the strategy at all times.
  • Amnesia – The Dark Descent
    One of the scariest games I’ve ever played. The goal is not to face creatures, but survive. In this game you become Daniel, who wakes up alone in a castle, without remembering how you got in this place, where monsters come from all directions.


So in summary, I can say that you were afraid to buy a computer that has the native system Linux – regardless of which version – for failing to play on it, I believe you have deleted your question. We, from Rede LAN blog, we highly recommend the use of Linux because besides being free, is far less susceptible to viruses and other malicious programs.


Where to download Linux games:

So, did you already installed your game?

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Author: Filipe Cemim.

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