Spotify: an app to listen your songs

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Hello, guys! We will see now one of the app that are hot. His name is Spotify. What makes this player be so different from others, to be used by over 5 million people in the world? Let’s find out together on this post.

More, we present to you our point of view, the advantages and disadvantages, and link for app download, if you want to experience. If you already know Spotify, please leave your comment at the end of this post to let us know your opinion about it.


What is Spotify?

iconeSpotify’s app that was developed in the city of Stockholm in Sweden by Daniel EK and Martin in 2008. In Brazil, has only been a success from the year 2014, the year it was released as a beta version and soon after as the final version. This app is a streaming music player and is available for all platforms (Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, Mac OS, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, etc.).

The Spotify has successful partnerships with some labels such as Universal Music, Sony BMG, EMI, Hollywood Records, Warner Music, among others, in order to be able to play the tracks without having problems with copyright.

He left behind their Rdio and Deezer concurrent because it has a friendlier look and be more intuitive. Registration on Spotify can be done with your Facebook account, making it easier for not having the need to fill huge forms.

Spotify is free?

If you are wondering if Spotify is free, we can happily say “Yes”. But like other programs, Spotify has the premium version if you want to have more resources. The different between the two types of users are:

  • Free account: hear all the songs without limit (great advantage for those who want to be free). You can know what your friends are listening to. It has advertisements (negative factor for free). It lets you skip track up to 6 times per hour.
  • Premium account: You hear all the songs, even offline (ie without Internet). No advertisements. Track jump whenever you want.

See the Spotify Official Website clicking here.


Spotify’s Interface. click in the image to expand.

Our opinion about this app

We can say that the app is awesome! Any Websites who talking about it agree that this app is simple and very good.

We didn’t find negatives about Spotify. So this app is recommended for you. Separated below the main advantages.

Advantages e Disadvantages

Advantages from Spotify:

  • Huge variety of music, all styles;
  • Friendly interface and easy to use;
  • You can create playlists;
  • Quick service, even with a median speed Internet;
  • It allows synchronization with mobile apps: the same playlist on your computer and smartphone.

We didn’t find disadvantages about app.

Click here to download app.

And you, what you think about Spotify? Isn’t awesome? Leave your opinion.


See ya!

Author: Esdras Nunes.

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