After the Digital TV, now we’ve Digital Radio

See in Portuguese.

Warning: This news is inserted in the Brazilian reality and therefore may not describe the reality of the locality where you are.

You should have asked one day: “If the TV has evolved to digital signal, this also will not happen with the radio?”. So now you have a satisfactory answer to that question. In the future, the radio stations AM and FM as we know it will be deactivated together with the analogical broadcast TV.

What is DAB?


The new technology of digital audio transmission is called DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and is already working in many countries, mainly in Asia and Europe. Norway is the first country to disable the analogical frequencies (AM and FM), keeping only digital transmission.

Although new, DAB isn’t a new concept. This technology was first developed in the 80’s, but only came into force for the first time in 1995 in Norway (again Norway).

Benefits of new technology

One advantage is the quality of the audio transmission, that he can reach up to 5.1 audio channels and reach much higher frequencies FM, reaching 1492 MHz. It will be also possible to see digital displays in receivers with news, weather or the name of the song being performed. And, oddly enough, this technology is cheaper than analog transmission!

Digital broadcasting in Brazil

In Brazil there since 2007, the Advisory Council Digital Radio, which aim to implement this technology in Brazil taking into account the Brazilian reality. Unfortunately we still have no plans to start digital broadcasting activities in Brazil.

So, what do you think of this technology?


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Author: Esdras Nunes

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