Windows 10: what will change?

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Windows 8 is the latest released version of Microsoft’s operating system. You may be using it right now. So you should know that this was considered the most radical version of the history of Microsoft. Even Windows 7, his predecessor, had the standard Microsoft look with visuals enhanced version after version, but no major layout changes.

The drastic change just making the system didn’t have a good reception, generating negative reviews. With this, Microsoft was forced to adjust their mistakes in a future release, to prevent users lost interest in Windows. Thus came the Windows 10. Well, it seems they could do their homework right and return to the elements that are familiar.

In the version of Windows 10, which is expected to launch at Christmas, we have a sum of elements of Windows 7 with Windows 8.

Indeed, some of Windows 8 elements were maintained in this new version for end up being well received. We’ll see in this post the main changes to the new Windows 10.

Start Menu or Start Screen? You choose!

Now the user can choose whether to use the classic version of the Start Menu or the Windows 8 Start Screen. Simply change the settings in the Taskbar Properties.

Click to see

Figure 1. As we can see, the Start Menu reverts to older appearance.

End of Internet Explorer! \o/

Many users hate Internet Explorer. So, Microsoft ended with him. But as they couldn’t stay without any native browser, IE will be replaced by Project Spartan, a new browser.

Figure 2. Now we’ll be Project Spartan over the old IE.

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Figure 3. Interface of Project Spartan.


Comando de VozNow, Windows will feature an intelligent voice assistant, who will understand your voice commands. We may open an application just talking to the operating system.

Multiple desktops

Imagine that you have a computer with multiple monitors, but can only display one at a time. If you’ve used any Linux OS like Ubuntu or Red Hat, you know that this function is very useful. For the first time in its history, Microsoft has incorporated the option of multiple desktops. Now you can open several programs at each of the desktops.

Figure 5. We can now switch between desktops.

The only problem is that there is only one taskbar to display the open programs on all desktops.

Open programs in a window

In Windows 8, to see some video, open a calculator or enter the Microsoft Store, for example, could only do so in full screen. Disappeared the taskbar, clock and even the Close button. Now, these same applications will open in a window, as they were in previous versions.

Figure 6. Programs that Windows 8 would open in full screen, will run in a window.

Modified icons

The icons have lost three-dimensional effects that had on Windows 7, getting simpler and stylized. The only problem is that not all icons have received this change, leaving some visual pollution among the icons. Probably until the release date all icons have undergone the change.

Figure 7. Check out the new look of the Windows 10 icons: now without 3D effect.

Figure 7. Check out the new look of the Windows 10 icons: now without 3D effect.


Want to know more about it? Follow this video on Microsoft Windows 10.

If you want to download the Insider Preview version of Windows 10 and test on your own computer, click the link below:

In conclusion

We can say, then, that the new Windows came to repair such radical changes we saw in Windows 8 (some even tried to be repaired in version 8.1). In an overview, we believe that Windows 10 is very innovative, bringing the essence of previous systems with the technology of today.

But anyway, one thing is certain: we must always adapt to changes because they always occur. It may be that linger a while to accept them, but an hour it will be part of our lives.

See ya!


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