You are safe on the Internet?

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Dividing opinions , some say that they are perfectly safe with your anti-virus , others say that the more uncertain access the Internet your computer will load all kinds of threats.

In fact these two groups are wrong , at least not entirely correct, the answer to the security is somewhat complex , but involves basic knowledge that can be solved with small actions of the common user. See now in our blog how to protect themselves from the worst Internet threats .


Navigating in the clouds

The cloud , so called by technicians in telecommunications, has some flaws, but often exaggerated . Below are some factors that influence the security of your information:

Linux OS or Windows

This is one of the questions that many users do, because there’s a whole concept that Linux is more secure, although it is a fact, the largest contributor to Linux is infinitely more secure than Windows is the type of user. While Linux users know the system and its flaws, Windows users are more accustomed to relying on anti-virus and firewall and believe that only this protection will prevent the threats .
Some people just are slaves of the windows because they work with it, or need some very specific program and can not adapt to the Linux alternatives.
For these users the Rede Lan will explain what the Firewall and anti-virus do and how they protect you.

Anti-virus and Firewall their true goals

People, including some computer technicians, they confuse anti-virus and firewall, but they have very different characteristics and features.
Antivirus protects you only from local threats, some have just a basic monitoring of Internet browsing, but do not have more advanced settings such as blocked unwanted sites and choose which programs can access the Internet, after all the main goal of the Firewall.
The anti-virus is nothing more than a database with some malicious code and when a program runs it checks if the code is similar to what is in your database, ie circumvent anti-virus is very simple just disfaçar the programming code so that it is not identified by the anti virus. In defense of our “local guardians” I can say that today are much more intelligent and managed to identify the application’s behavior to see if it is doing something he should not.
To explain how a firewall works, we need first of all understand what is a firewall. Imagine you are in a war and the enemy soldiers are Internet viruses, in this epic battle between good and evil, our good Firewall is the wall that prevents the enemy soldiers invade and even if they can not take their loot village. Here is a picture of how this battle would be:


The programs we use in our machines access the Internet through ports on this wall, the user must properly configure these ports , each port must have access rules for the input and output of data is done safely . The firewall will act as a guard making sure that the soldiers say the reason for the entry and exit from their village and checking if the grounds are peaceful and honorable .
Click here for more details on Firewall

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