What is PING?

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You may have heard of Ping, but you really know what that is? How to Use? These and others questions will be answered in this post.

About PING

PING is short for Packet Internet Network Grouper. It uses the ICMP protocol to send a packet to the destination and wait for the response time.

If shorter the response time, better is the connection between your computer and the destination. When we said “the connection between these two points is good”, depends not only on your Internet connection. It also depends on another computer connection speed, if the target is heavily congested (as government websites, by example), if the distance between you is very large (for example, you are in USA and the destination in Russia), among others factors.

Take the test now

Let’s do the test now! For this, we built on Windows 8, but that goes for any version of Windows.

  • Press the WinKey + R. WinKey, as the name implies, is key with the Windows logo on your keyboard, located between the left Ctrl button and the Space-bar.


  • Now, you’re seeing the “Run” window. In it, type cmd and click “OK” (or press Enter).
  • You are now in the Windows Command Prompt, with black screen and white fonts. Type the following command and wait:
ping www.google.com.br

Interpreting the results

You probably had a result similar to this:


We will use the results highlighted in the image above.

In the example, we got the results:

Sent = 4
Received = 4
Lost = 0 (0% loss)
Average = 35ms

This indicates that had no packet loss. This result is optimal. If you do several tests and appear in all some packet loss, check what might be happening. Obviously, from time to time, it may happen that a package is lost, this is normal.

Furthermore, we also have an average of 35 ms (milliseconds) to return. It is very fast, noting that 1000 milliseconds equals 1 second.

Ping in games

It may also be called latency. If you are playing an MMORPG or a network game, must have heard these terms. For games, the response time is critical and should be checked to see if you are to “lag” or not. Some game servers limit the latency (response time), so that users with very high ping does not participate and end up “disturbing” his team. After all, if you play, you know well that one second can be decisive when it comes to winning a battle.

If the server is in another country, you will see much higher values than those presented in the example, near to 1 second (1000 ms). In this cases, the answer is very slow and causing in you the game over, getting “locked” or even disconnecting it.

If you are a player and has seen some char “locked” and some time later appear elsewhere, means that this user is with high latency.

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